Accredited Financial Services™

Accredited Financial Services is a financial services investment firm and a holding company for a number of subsidiaries. Incorporated on May 2, 2005 in Nevada as Luxury Home Buyers, LLC, the Limited Liability Corporation does business as "Accredited Financial Services". Subsidiaries include: Accredited Security, Accredited Safety, Accredited Real Estate and Accredited Sales.

Accredited Security™

Accredited Security is a refurbisher of TASER® less-lethal weapons which purchases used TASER weapons from U.S. law enforcement agencies and reconditions them for sale to other U.S. law enforcement agencies, constables, peace officers, private security companies and the public.

Accredited Safety™

Accredited Safety is an Authorized TASER® Distributor which sells new and used pre-owned TASER weapons to law enforcement and the public from a secure online store and also markets under the Mr Stungun® Brand.

Accredited Sales™

Accredited Sales is a sales outsourcing company providing sales orders for new product introductions, short-term offerings, and market testing of all types of consumer and business products and services.

Solid Reputation

Accredited has been a Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2006 with a Rating of "A+".

Accredited Financial Services
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